Our Experience

We have gained experience caring for children from birth through age 18 in a variety of different settings.

Rebecca had experience being a nanny for blended and traditional families of five and two children during her five years of attending college full time to earn her teaching credential.  As a credentialed teacher she taught fourth grade for a while before filling positions at the high school level teaching Foods, Family Life, Home Economics, and History.  After being laid off with the downturn in the economy, she was a nanny again while also caring for their son.  After the birth of their daughter it was time to start a daycare of their own.

Her teenage years were spent looking after her three younger siblings as the eldest child of busy, entrepreneurial parents.  She spent many years volunteering as a summer camp counselor wrangling, entertaining, motivating, and organizing fourth through sixth graders.  Sundays and Wednesdays she volunteered in Sunday School classes snuggling, changing, and feeding infants; and teaching in toddler/preschool classes.

James lived with two of his nieces and nephews full time before starting his own family.  Both come from large families and now have three children of our own including a school aged son, preschool daughter, and toddler son.  

We have cared for and worked on therapy activities with children diagnosed with mild speech delays, mild vision impairment, and mild physical impairment.  Additionally we have experience with cerebral palsy and cardiac pediatric patients.