Who We Are

Both James and Rebecca come from large families who were on the move!  

Rebecca's family was busy traveling from northern most Oregon to southern most California while she was growing up.  While her parents made sure their two businesses ran smoothly and stores were stocked with merchandise for their customers, it was her job to look after her three younger siblings.  From diapers to bottles to cooking to homework and everything in between, she was there for them. 

When the family was home, Rebecca spent time helping in infant and toddler Sunday School classes. Summers she spent as a camp counselor for fourth through sixth graders.  Through volunteer work like this with children, she set a goal of one day becoming a teacher.  One Sunday, the parents of a good friend of hers asked for missions trip volunteers and that's where she met James.

James' family moved several times across several states while he was growing up.  When they finally settled down for a while in Shasta County, Rebecca met James' family at a call for volunteers with the Team Jesus organization for a missions trip to Sonoma Raceway, back when it was called Sears Point Race Track.  She had always known James, but just as one of a friends' older brothers.  Then, a new job opportunity led James' brother and parents to move to Solano County. 

Rebecca was still involved with the original organization James' parents had started, though James was still just the older brother of a childhood friend.  After graduating from Shasta Community College and nannying for a blended family of five children, she needed to transfer to a university to complete her degree.  She made the move to Solano County and commuted to Sonoma State University.  During this time she went to SSU and nannied for James' nieces, who would later be her own.   It was here, after the completion of her Social Science degree and into the year of her teaching credential that it all clicked. 

After the graduation and marriage, Rebecca was a substitute teacher in both Napa and Fairfield/Suisun School Districts during the regular school year and taught high school English, Science, and History in summer school.  She filled long term substitute positions for fourth grade, art, and computer science.  While completing a long-term substitute position in Foods and Home Economics at two high schools, she saw first hand how the local school district was having trouble filling the need for a qualified and reliable Home Economics Teacher.  From a young age she had already learned much of the knowledge and many of the skills necessary to be a competent teacher in this subject area, including: taking care of her younger siblings, cooking, spending time working in the family businesses, and learning about sewing and textiles.  So she studied, researched, and educated herself on the content areas to supplement her knowledge and then passed the California Subject Examinations for Teachers to formally add it to her credential.

When budget cuts hit the education system hard and Rebecca was laid off, she went back to nannying while also caring for their first child.  They chose to open a daycare after the birth of their daughter in 2013 and are looking forward to caring for your children too!

They now have three children and have learned even more than they thought was possible. Their eldest son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and brain aneurysm that resolved itself. Their youngest son had open heart surgery at a week old. They've had more than their fair share of crazy baby experiences!