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We offer reliable, quality child care for all stages of childhood.  We are a fun loving, learning daycare with family values of respect, self control, education, team cooperation, love, and empathy for others.

We provide several options to address your child care needs:
  • Regular full time daycare
  • Part time daycare (depending on availability)
  • "By appointment" care to include the occasional babysitting/random drop-in care when you just need a little while to attend that doctor appt or run an errand or two without the kids!  (depending on availability)

Not sure what you should expect to pay for child care?  Or not sure if a nanny or daycare provider will better fit your personal or financial needs?  Check out our Choosing Child Care page to get started!  You can read about the pros and cons of both or scroll to the bottom to see our quick, side-by-side cost analysis table!

We're located just three short miles from Travis Air Force Base and three miles from NorthBay Medical Center in Suisun City, California.  We often provide services to students of families in the Fairfield - Suisun School District.  Dan O. Root, Suisun Elementary, and Tolenas are all very near by.

We are what's called a Small Home-Based Licensed Family Child Care Home Lic#483008723. 

What is a Small Home-Based Licensed Family Child Care Home you ask?

That's a great question!  A Small Home-Based Licensed Family Child Care Home is one that has submitted an application and passed an inspection in accordance with California Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing Division under the direction of the State of California Health and Human Services Agency.

What does this really mean to the rest of us who aren't robots?

It means we, the owners, have passed home inspections and certifications in order to care for your children in our home.  This includes:
CPR Training
First Aid Training
Preventive Health Training
Live Scan Fingerprinting
California State Child Care Orientation
TB Testing
Background Check
Home Safety Inspection

Anyone who cares for the children (my husband or myself, or for example, if I'm sick/on vacation and call a replacement for the day) is required to be background checked, live scan fingerprinted, TB tested, Red Cross CPR and First aid Certified, pass Red Cross Preventative Health training, and pass the California Community Care Licensing Orientation. In addition, anyone who lives in the house but not responsible for caring for the children are still required to be background checked, TB tested, and live scan fingerprinted.

What does the designation "Small" mean?

It means the rules of our license say we are not allowed to care for any more that eight children at any given time based on the ages of the children.  However, if we have more children under 2yrs old (aka infants), the total number of children we can care for at a time on that day becomes more restricted.  It's kind of like an algebra equation.  If we have 2 infants in care today then we can have 6 additional children ages 2yrs to 12yrs for a total of 8 children.  If we have 3 infants in care today then the allowable number of additional children ages 2yrs to 12yrs drops to 3 for a total of 6 children.

This is actually one of our best benefits.  We can care for enough children that they may always have another to play with in order to learn and practice the social skills necessary to live in the modern world; but there are not so many children we can still give each one quality time or let things get out of control.