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Deposits: A deposit equal to the amount of the child’s “first two weeks” of regularly scheduled care and a $50 registration fee are non-refundable and are due when Parents agree to place the child in the Provider’s care. A “last two weeks” deposit equal to the FTW is due at the end of the child’s four-week trial period in care if parents choose to continue care.  The LTW will be applied to the Child’s care account after the Parent given written two-weeks notice the Child will be leaving the Provider’s care. FTW and LTW payments are charged “straight up”; EPC and CVA do not apply.

Provider will reserve space if enrolling child/ren more than two to four weeks prior to the first day of care only if an advanced deposit equal to first two weeks of care is paid at time of reservation.  This deposit will reserve the space and be applied to the first two weeks of care.  It is non-refundable if Parent fails to use Provider for child care. 

All account payments to Provider failing to “clear” the bank will be charged a$30 fee.

Payments: Child Care fees are to be paid on the Friday or the last business day of each week in advance of the coming week. If tuition is not paid by Friday of each week, a late fee of $10 per day will be charged.  If payment (including late charges) is not received by the third “Late Day,” Provider may immediately terminate care for Child.  If Child enrolls in day care on any day other than a Monday, then payment for the first week is to be prorated to cover care received during the remainder of the week and is due upon the first day of enrollment.  Parents may pay several weeks in advance if they should desire.

Random Drop-in only: Drop-in children are accommodated each day based on availability and space is NOT guaranteed.  Child Care fees to be paid at the beginning of each day Child is in Provider’s care.  Parents may pay several days in advance if desired. $10 per hour, 4hr minimum payment, charged in whole hour increments. $5 fee for every 10mins parent is late to pick up child. 

Late Pick-Up / Early Drop-Off Fees / Early Pick-Up and Policy:

An Early Drop-off fee of $5 for every 10 minutes Parent arrives before the scheduled drop-off time will be charged. Fee is payable directly to the Provider on site on or before the last child care day of the week.  For chronic parents, provider may cancel contract and retain “last two weeks” to cover fees.  No checks will be accepted.

Parents are required to pick up their child/ren within 10 minutes of agreed upon pick-up time.  A Late Pick-up fee of $5 will be charged for every 10 minute period (partial or full) Parent arrives after the scheduled pick-up time.  Fee is payable directly to the Provider on site on or before the last child care day of the week.  Failure to pay late fees may result in provider cancelling care contract and retaining "last two weeks" to cover unpaid late fees. 

An “Early Pick-up Credit” of $5 will only be given to Parents of regularly scheduled full-time care contracts on any day the child is picked up from the premises more than an hour before the regularly scheduled time excluding FTW and LTW periods.

Parent is responsible for the payment of any days and hours not approved on Parent/Provider Contract.