Proper nutrition from a wide variety of sources is very important to us. Being a parent of three and a formally a credentialed teacher of Home Economics which includes Child Development and Nutrition, we understand the importance of eating healthy, having well-rounded meals with variety that aren't boring to ward off illnesses, and to keep our bodies at optimal health. In general, the majority of meals are homemade with whole foods and minimally processed foods. But of course, keeping our patrons in mind because they are kids after all, we do have the occasional pizza day, chicken strip day, or special meal out for a special outing. Meals and snacks are included at no additional fee in our care day.

What do we usually eat? Check out our facebook page to see more of what we eat on a day-to-day basis but in general we eat a LARGE variety of fruits, vegetables, protein sources, whole grains, and dairy such as...

 whole grain rice
 spinach cauliflower beef cream cheese
 turkey olives whole grain noodles
 zucchini yellow squash
 strawberries carrots green beans
 bananas sweet potatoes
 cream of wheat
 chicken tomatoes blueberries simply fruit jam
 mangoes whole grain tortillas
 parsnips ham milk
 potatoes peaches coconut milk
 brussels sprouts
 apples bacon mushrooms eggs pears
 natural peanut butter
 raspberries oranges whole grain bread
 black beans
 greek yogurt
 corn bread
 lettuce beets whole grain pancakes
 cheese corn oatmeal variety of nuts
 plums grapes peas almond milk

Why do we work to train kids to eat the wide variety from a young age? Because the proper growth and development of their brains and body is dependent upon on vitamins and minerals. Food is medicine to our bodies. Food in fuel to our bodies! Put good in, and get good out!

Where do vitamins and minerals come from? The food we eat so we need a variety! Additionally our environment is absorbed through our skin. Not feeding our bodies all the vitamins and minerals it needs leads to chronic constipation, weight issues, sentinel piles, "brain fade", improper development, and PICA disorder.

What in our bodies absorbs the food we eat? The large intestine, aka, your gut! It's also where the majority of your immune system lives. Proper nutrition is crucial to the health of your gut to help your body ward off illnesses. This is where both good and bad bacteria live. Feed it sugar, processed foods full of sodium, and white flour... the bad bacteria get out of control! Feed it greek yogurt, whole grain, natural sugar, and "raw" foods... the good bacteria wins!

Where is the food processed? Primarily the stomach. While digestion begins in the mouth, acid in the stomach churns it up and does the majority of break down to get it ready for the intestines to extract the nutrients from it.

How does the food get to us? By who feeds us of course! As adults it's important to model healthy eating patterns so our kids have examples on how to eat healthy. The majority of over weight young people isn't because we have more access to a larger variety of foods than ever; it's because they don't know how to eat healthy in the first place!