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Absences, Illnesses, Holidays


Full child care rates/fees will be charged for all absences related to unexpected non-attendance.  Fees/rates are akin to tuition, based on enrollment to hold the child’s/rens’ space (not attendance),  and no refund, credit, or makeup day is provided for non-attendance.  However, Parents of children enrolled in care full time notifying Provider of planned absences a minimum of 10 business days in advance will be eligible for the credit of a half day’s rate/fee not to exceed 16 days for planned absences. For security necessities, a Parent shall notify the Provider of any unexpected absence on any given day as soon as the Parent knows the Child will not be attending.


Please be considerate if your child shows any signs of an oncoming illness.  Provider has the obligation to protect all children in daycare from illness whenever possible.  Children with the following conditions must be kept home and will be sent home if these conditions become apparent:

·         Fever over 101º F

·         Vomiting

·         Skin rash or eruptions of unknown origin

·         Constant cough

·         Upset stomach

·         Diarrhea

·         Heavy and colored nasal discharge: if a runny nose is related to allergies, please provide a doctor’s note

          stating that fact.

·         Parasites – nits, lice, crabs, etc.

·         Conjunctivitis – such as pink eye or thick discolored drainage from the eyes

·         Sore throat

·         Communicable diseases – chicken pox, measles, ring worm, scarlet fever

Child will also be sent home when the Provider believes, in his/her judgment, that Child’s condition poses a threat to the health or safety of Child or other children or staff.  A Child who becomes ill while in Provider's care will be separated from the group and Parent will be called.  Parent must pick up Child within 90 minutes after being notified of Child’s illness.  After 90 minutes, Parent will be charged an additional fee of $5 per 20 minutes the child is still in the care of the Provider; Provider may notify Child Welfare if Provider believes Parent is neglecting medical duties to Child.  If Child is sent home due to illness, this will be considered an unexpected absence.  Child should be symptom-free for 24 hours before he/she returns to day care.

If Provider feels the Child warrants immediate emergency medical attention the Parents will be responsible for any and all medical fees incurred; ie ambulance/emergency room visit


These Federal Holidays will be billed as though care were provided.  No fee will be charged for voluntary holidays taken by the provider.  At the discretion and availability of the Provider with prior arrangements between the Provider and Parent, care may be provided on these Federal Holiday days at a rate of 1.5 times the normal fee.  Provider will give Parent reasonable (typically but not bound to a minimum of two weeks) notice if Provider requires vacation time.  Parent will be responsible for finding alternative care during Provider’s vacation, but no fee will be charged by Provider during Provider’s vacation.  Provider reserves the right to take 20 personal days per year, upon reasonable notice to Parents. 

January 1st-New Year’s Day

January 20th-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

February 17th-President’s Day

May 26th-Memorial Day

July 4th-Fourth of July

September 1st-Labor Day

October 13th-Columbus Day

November 11th-Veterans’ Day

November 27th-Thanksgiving Day

December 25th-Christmas Day

In the event Provider has (including but not limited to) family business, becomes sick, or has another emergency, Provider may secure a qualified substitute as defined by California Community Care Licensing Department to care for the children enrolled in the program at Provider’s home.  If Provider is unable to do so, Provider will notify Parents as soon as possible that Provider will be unable to provide care that day.  If Provider closes the day care home due to illness or emergency, beyond the number of personal days described above, Provider will refund that pro rata portion of any monthly/weekly fee paid by Parent in advance for the additional days of closure.