Our Philosophy

We understand how important dependable, quality, consistent child care is to the balance of work and family life.  We offer quality care for all stages of childhood; including one-on-one directed learning and self-directed discovery in a safe, supervised environment for each child from birth, to potty training, to grade school.As a teacher and parent, we know how important early learning is to a child's success in school and life.  The practice of learning and homework never stops; whether it's for school, duties of a new job, or even as simple as researching the best refrigerator to buy for your needs. 

Sanford researchers agree formal education is built on the brain first developing it's lower levels.  For this reason we focus on educating the "whole child".  We believe in supporting children so they may grow to be respectable, responsible, well-rounded critical thinking adults with integrity so that they will be able to make the best possible decisions about our future.  For more about Whole-Child Development, visit our Resources page.

We encourage positive attitudes, self-respect, respect of others, honesty, self-discipline, self-control, reading, manners, creativity, imagination, compassion, and love.  

We encourage the practice of behaviors and speech that both edifies and builds each other up.  We discourage behaviors and speech used with malice meant to tear down the self worth of others.

We believe in being firm but fair, and teaching accountability and responsibility.  There is a time when instructions must be followed and a time for silliness and play.

As parents ourselves, we understand it's sometimes hard to watch children struggle and fail at doing something, but failing is a part of life and sometimes the best teacher.  If we don't let our children learn some lessons on their own, then we do them a disservice.  We know that with support and a positive environment in which to try again, they will have more beneficial learning experience and gain the tools needed to succeed in future endeavors.

We understand not everyone can grow up to be a doctor or lawyer or else there would be no need for these professions.  We need butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers to be a well-rounded society.  For that reason we encourage creativity, diversity, and imagination so every child can gain the skills and tools necessary to find where they fit and feel comfortable in life.