Releasing Children


Provider will release Child only to:

(1) parents holding legal and/or physical custody with photo verification and car seat;

(2) Child’s legal guardian with photo verification and car seat;

(3) anyone over 18 years of age Parent or guardian has authorized by prior arrangement in writing with photo verification and car seat; or

(4) police or welfare workers with proper authorization and photo verification.

Provider will not release the Child to anyone under the age of 18 unless the person is an immediate family member, either sibling or step-sibling to the Child with photo ID.  Parent must sign the Child in/out upon arrival and departure each day.  For safety and security, Parent must not remove the Child from day care home without notifying Provider.  All persons other than parents picking up the Child will be required to provide their drivers license / ID card and will be required to sign in with Time and Full signature.