Additional Considerations

A. Clothing and supplies: Parent should provide a change of clothing and any personal supplies for the Child/ren including but not limited to diapers, baby formula, and bottles. All clothing and cups/bottles/formula must be labeled. Provider is not responsible for soiled or lost clothing.  Quality diapers maybe provided by the Provider for an additional fee of $3 a day if previously agreed upon.  We do not permit bottles for infants past 14months old and pacifiers not past 16 months. 

B.  Food allergies/Infants on Formula: Parents of children with special diets, food allergies, or formula fed may pack two nutritious snacks, breakfast, and a lunch each day for their child.

C. Medications: All medication must be in the original container for Provider to dispense it with “Medication Dispense Permission Form”.  The following provisions also apply:

i. Prescription Medication: Provider will administer prescription medication only so long as Parent has submitted to Provider (1) a signed permission form with instructions provided by parent, and (2) a prescription from the Child’s doctor with required dosage and times to be administered.

ii. Over the Counter Medication: Provider will administer over the counter medication only so long as (1) Parent has submitted the medication to Provider in the original packaging; (2) the medication is to be administered according to package instructions; and (3) Parent has completed a signed form with name of medication, dosage, and times to be given. The required dosage and times to be administered must be included in doctor’s note/Parent form. “As needed” or “as directed” will not be accepted.

D. Discipline: Provider will not use any corporal punishment.  If discipline is required, Provider may use but not limited to; redirection, loss of privileges, and/or a time-out.  Provider with notify parent if problems arise with child’s behavior warranting further action.

E. Medical Conditions/Allergies: Parent must fill out a form provided by Provider listing Child’s allergies and all medical conditions.

F. Errands/Outings: Provider may from time to time take children on outings including but not limited to: community parks, library story/craft time, other age appropriate community events.  From time to time in may be necessary for daycare children to accompany Provider to but not limited to: other children’s doctor appointments, errands directly related to functions of the daycare, and dropping off/picking up other children from school.


Provider is a mandated reporter of suspected child abuse under the terms of the California Penal Code § 11166. Provider and its employees who have knowledge of or observe the Child, in their professional capacity or within the scope of their employment, whom Provider or the employee knows or reasonably suspects has been the victim of child abuse, have a statutory duty to report the known or suspected instance of child abuse to a child protective agency.

In addition, Provider and any employees who have knowledge of or who reasonably suspect that mental suffering has been inflicted upon the Child or that his or her emotional well-being is endangered in any other way, must report the known or suspected instance of child abuse to a child protective agency.